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Week 6.....in the bag!

Week 6 Run 3 complete but wasn’t in a good mindset today so not an enjoyable run. I had good intentions for a slow and steady run but had to speed up a few times to ‘overtake’ some walkers and just seemed to loose my stride and my breathing was all over the place. I tried to slow down but never seemed to manage the steady pace I was aiming for, then after five minutes I started to suffer with calf-pain and ‘Log-legs’ as I like to call them, so all in all not such a good run today 😕. Week 7......here I come!

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Slow down a bit and it will all come right 🙂👍🏃‍♀️✔️


Well done! A completed run is a completed run, don't beat yourself up. You did it, fair and square.

I'm terrible for speeding up. Some silly pride thing in me says that if I pass anyone else I need to be running at a decent speed, and furthermore, I need to say "Hello" or "Morning" whilst not sounding out of breath. Stupid I know, I don't care what people think, gave that up years ago, but it's just a habit I can't get out of :)

Anyway, you've got plenty of time to practice your 25 minute runs next week :P

You take care, keep it nice and steady, don't injure yourself :)

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Slow down and let the legs find their pace...relax into these runs now..no hurry :)


Well done for seeing it through- that's great determination.

Be kind to yourself in W7 - gentle, relaxed and slow. There is time in the future to think about speed.

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