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Mid way through W7

Run2 is scheduled for tonight so that I can complete the week on Saturday morning. I always seem to run better in the mornings but can't schedule this in on a week day. Still not quite believing I can run for 25 mins - it's really slow at about 6.5kph but that's not what its all about. Might even be staring to enjoy it. Thanks for all the posts and the support - keeps me motivated.

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Hi! I just did Run 2 of week 7 this morning! I prefer to run in the morning too and am fortunate to have 2 days off mid week although one is always a “rest” day!

Found the 25 mins ok today despite the strong biting cold wind I seemed to be running into the whole way and I managed my uphill section well too!

Good luck with your run! The finish line is in sight now !! 😀🏃

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Well done 👍 enjoy your runs. Nearly there 😃🏃‍♀️


It does take a while to get your head around what you have acheived. My most used run is an out and back route that I pass on my commute. For weeks after graduation I used to drive past wondering how I had actually managed to run all that way.


Well done.. speed has nothing at all to do with this.. you are doing wonderfully! You take it as slowly as you like,it is a great journey.. why rush it!

Wrap up and head out and take care:)


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