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Week 8 Run3 and the journey continues (bumpily)

Run 1 went well out and about. Run2 despite preparing well was hard. I think I got overconfident and tried to go a bit too fast. Felt a bit rough at the end and only damaged my confidence a bit and fortunately nothing else. I was planning on doing run 3 tomorrow morning but my wife suggested that I do it instead in the gym tonight. That was a brilliant idea. All went well and running in the gym is easier ( but not as much fun). I made myself run steadily at 9 km/hr for the first half and them upped it ( a bit) to 9.2. I feel tired and a bit achey but confident enough to have a go at week 9. I have decided to follow the wise mentors advice and take an extra day off! I might even go and have a ( naughty) Whisky before bed!

This is an amazing programme with so many benefits. Keep running my friends. If I can do it, then so can you!

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Well done you!!! Whisky... well deserved?


Check out my last post on slow :) x


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