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Couch to 5K
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Today turned out well in the end!

Well, after feeling down about not being able to push myself out the door this morning and still having the run looming over me, I went out and did my Wk4 R2 and it was fine! I don't think I've eaten quite as well today (not sure if too much, not enough or just the wrong things) but I managed to jog all of the segments still and my recovery time was better than last time.

I have to make a conscious effort to hold myself up and not slouch as I think my core is my weakest bit and if I slouch, it seems to tire my legs out quicker and I can't get enough oxygen. I'm not having to correct my posture anywhere near as often though, so I think my core is becoming stronger.

I think I might add on a longer warm-up as I seem to settle into things in the second half and feel like I could sprint at the end (I don't) but did feel a bit lethargic in the first half. That can be something to try next time though. Tonight, I'm just pleased that I've gone out and stuck with it as it's nearly a month of doing this every other day and that's quite an achievement for me, especially with exercise that isn't easy.

Thank you so much to everyone that replied to my post earlier. I think tonight may have been my first abandoned run if I hadn't had such lovely messages. They really did make such a difference and I wanted to complete it and come back with a happy update!

I'm going to have my well-deserved dinner now! Thanks again xxx

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Phew, so glad you had a positive experience after your wobble this morning. Sometimes it helps to voice how you are feeling, then you can get on top of it and move forward. This forum is wonderful for finding answers and support. It really helps to see that othr people get doubts and wobbles too and yet stillkeep going xx

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