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Week 7 Run 2 Done, Ooooops I ran for 30 mins 😁

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I fear I am about to get a telling off from Oldfloss and others as I kept going at the end of my 25 minutes to end at 30.

The first 10 felt great, the second 10 was tough and I had to dig deep, I may have even called the Divine Jo couple of nasty names but then I found my second wind to get to the end. At that point my stubborn head took over as i thought 5 minutes more isn't that long and Paul Simon's Graceland saw me to the half hour. Very very pleased and pace was 2.5 miles in 30 minutes so not that far off 5k.

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Well done. Sounds like it's all progressing pretty well for you.

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I'm amazed at the change in 7 and a bit weeks!!!

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