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Week 4

Hi did R1 of WK4 on Thursday and can't believe I did it! My breathing and legs were just about ok but I got a tightness in my lower back that almost caused me to stop - has anyone got any experience or advice about this? I've been doing regular pilates for around 3 months now so my core muscles are reasonable I think. I've already been to the physio for a dodgy knee 🙄

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It could just be that you are holding yourself tightly and landing heavily...we do, in these early stages tend to thump down a bit...( concentration maybe) .

Warm up really well and then, when you begin, slow down, landing as lightly as you can ( kissing the ground with your feet, I call it)

Carry on with your Pilates on rest days and maybe try these exercises too; the strength and flex on rest days....


These after every run;



Thanks! I did some back stretches before going out and didn't get any tightness today - plus the run felt easier - I've always been a morning person and running very first thing definitely suits me best..!


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