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Running Ramblings

Walk to the park complete, I began the warm up walk watching dogs, people and squirrels as I went. The first running segment about to come up, I begin Week 5 Run 1.

"Running is a victory. Run boy run! Beauty lays behind the hills"

I begin the run up the very slight hill which my legs seem to be disillusioned into thinking is a mountain and feel a stitch beginning to form. Focusing on my breathing I begin the admire the view to distract myself and before I realise the first run is complete and stitch vanished.

"The sun will be guiding you. Run boy run! They’re dying to stop you"

Ignoring the gremlins in the second run and focusing on the sunset beginning to form, I look down on the rest of the park and begin my favourite part of running - going downhill.

"But for now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!"

Run Boy Run by Woodkid begins to play for my final run segment. The cinematic tune, lyrics and scenery make me feel like I really could be in a movie. My breathing felt so easy and I was landing on the ball of my feet without loads of concentration. I come to the realisation that I was actually running, not just plodding. I felt freedom and a childish joy as a sped through the trees in new unexplored territory while the wind flowed along with me.

I can't believe I just ran for five minutes straight and actually loved it! Bring on the rest of week 5!

Also highly recommend Run Boy Run for your running playlist!

Thanks for reading! 😂

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Beautiful photograph.. beautiful post... Well done you!!!

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Thanks 😊 This running thing is getting quite addictive 😂

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