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Wk6r1 done

Just done wk6r1 - not too bad; or at least not as horrible as some people have experienced. The worst bit was the 'warm up' walk into the biting cold wind. Was determined to keep going and get this one out of the way, so, as usual, concentrated on enjoying my music.

I was in Hove yesterday, walking my little grandson in his buggy and couldn't help envying all the runners along the seafront and wondering if anyone going past me was doing their C25K?

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Oh I bet they were 🙂. There used to be a metal C25k badge for your run jacket . I bought one when I first started. Makes us easier to spot 🙂


I like the idea of the C25K badge!

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😊 I often think that when I see other runners...& I’m envious too when I’m not running...now that’s weird!!! Well done on this run, if I remember rightly I may have struggled with this run....maybe I did it in the pouring rain, I can’t remember...but that’s irrelevant now coz it seems yonks ago...& it will be to you as you carry on with your happy running 😉

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Thanks Mummycav. Yes, wk6r2 in the bag today and it felt a whole lot better than r1 did.

I used to look at runners with a mixture of admiration and ‘must be mad’. Now on rest days I think ‘wish that was me’ ! Never thought that would happen when I started this ....


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