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So after a very dodgy run last week, things weren't going well. Following lots of advice the plan for w6r2 was a. Ditch compression socks b.change route and c.listen to music to help psychologically.

Following 4 very bad shifts I was sooo tired I didn't run yesterday. I really wasn't looking forward to today. I only managed a from the above list but it was a massive improvement. And I'm feeling much better.....so w6 final run here I come.

Just a quick thank you to everyone who contributed. It's a real help to know that someone out there is listening.

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Well done & well on the way to graduation. Its an amazing program & we never know how each run will go. Trust the program & sometimes that 1 extra day helps ๐Ÿ˜Š


Good for getting out there!! Hugs!!!


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