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All stitched up

W8R1 in the bag. πŸ˜€

Actually properly enjoyed the first 10 mins running & survived the rest. At 10 mins a stitch reared its unwelcome head.

This has happened on the last few runs. As stitches go, a relatively mild one but nonetheless unwelcome. Laura's suggestion of drinking extra water before running has not helped & I always run before a meal. Any helpful suggestions? Should this settle as I become fitter? Thanks 😁

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hmm stitch ... somewhere either on the forum or one of the weeks said something about breathing into it? I can't remember exactly what was said though :( if I get a stitch it usually clears up if I slow riiiiighhtt down but can't say I'm prone to them now.


Ok that's helpful thanks. I have been slowing down and breathing extra deeply and that seems to at least hold it at bay if not clear it all together. I am hoping it is a beginners problem & will improve as I become fitter.πŸ˜„


Gah! I often get a stitch around 10 mins into my runs and they always unnerve me. I slow the flip right down and just breathe through it. I drink plenty of water all day long, so have no idea why I get them.

Well done on your W8R1 run triumph! <high five>! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Thank you 😊

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