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Onward and upward!

Ive got the go ahead from my GP to carry on running. I have quite bad injuries left from a road traffic accident over 50 years ago: steel pin in one leg from fractured femur, with accompanying tendon shotening and muscle wasting, and a knee thats just scar tissue from being split to the bone. I was worried about causing more damage, but apparently running will strengthen it all. Yay! I was also concernd because I live in a hilly town and have breathing issues due to allergies. Ive been given an inhaler now, and using that before I ran last night really helped me not to get so out of breath on the uphill slopes. I’m repeating week 2 as was in Iceland for 8 days so didnt run. It’s all getting easier and faster. I was eager to see my results last night, but like a total plonker I forgot to change the activity on my Garmin back to run after my last swim. Duh...

Thank you to everybody who responded with such encouragement to my introductory message. Im only on week 2 but am already hooked. The endorphin rush is amazing, and Im totally in love with my running shoes - cant believe the difference it makes having your gait tested and getting proper running shoes!

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Brilliant...you are on the way.

You know what to do... slow and steady and listen to your body... always.

Take your rest days and pop in some extra stamina and strength exercises in on the rest days... keep posting for great advice:)

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Thank you! I was going swimming today, but felt really tired, so complete rest today and run again tomorrow. I usually swim on rest days - that helps strengthen back, legs and joints and helps breathing - and try to have two consecutive days when i do nothing but dog walk, plus any walking to and from shops etc. It catches me out how some days I feel energised and then, out of the blue, like today, my body feels extra tired.

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Some days we do! After two days caring for small runner in training... running a Marathon sounds like a breeze!

Well done you!

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