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Will I grow to love running!!

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Just starting out really with the app, now on week 2 but just can’t ever see me running 5K without collapsing and ending up in A&E!!

Please tell me it gets easier.......

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Hi Peaks!

Well, you may not get to 5k (many don't and that is just fine!), but you will get to run for 30 mins non stop by the end of C25K! Just follow the programme to the letter, and you will do it- trust me! Thousands have...

The key is to take every run super slow. Doesn't matter if you are near walking pace. Slow builds stamina and ensures you are able to finish every run.

I struggled my way through the first week, huffed and puffed and gasped running one minute! Graduated 2 weeks ago and now run 30 minutes three times a week fairly easily - see! It can be done! I love running now. 😀 Some runs are still challenging, but that's all part of the journey...

Have faith in C25K - and most of all, yourself! Check in here regularly for inspiration, tips and advice - this forum was crucial in helping me!

Sadie-runs x

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FatBoyBaz in reply to Sadie-runs

Great advice . After 40 years as a couch potatoe I am now in week 8 run 1 to come next. It definitely does get better. Just stick to the app and keep going

It gets easier! Just keep jogging away and there will be a point when you realise that this is possible, that you will be able to run :) Keep at it!

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Maybe not easier, but.. the great news is.. you get stronger and fitter with every single run.. and the knock on is..you begin to feel good too!

You do NOT have to run 5K... just get to the 30 minute runs... Take your rest days, an extra one if need be and above all, slow and steady! It works.

I just started week 4 and didn’t struggle too much until near the end of my run this morning. When I started week 1 running for more than 1 minute at a time was a huge struggle for me now I’m running for 5 minutes at a time

If I can do it you can too. Never ever done any exercise before c25k. Followed programme to the letter and all the advice on here and graduated on plan in 9 weeks. I did have to plan my runs into weekly routines but I like structure and planning! Keep going and hopefully you will fall in love with running 👏

Thankyou all so much for taking the time to reply, so lovely of u all. My other query too is, do I just work through the plan possibly not physically finishing each stage or shud I totally have each section well and truly nailed before I go onto the next one?

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Millsie-JGraduate in reply to Peaks08

If you complete a run move on. If you dont complete, take a day rest and have another go until you do.


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I’m on week 7 and addicted to running 🏃 I’ve never been so motivated. I did struggle through the first few weeks but it is really mind over matter. Don’t listen to the head gremlins and Believe you can do it and you will. I was totally a couch potato and if you’d have said 7 weeks ago when 60 secs was a struggle that I’d be running 25 mins non stop I would have never believed it. If your having a tough run just paid through it to the end and you will complete it. The sense of achievement is amazing. Good luck stay positive and believe you can do it because you can 😀

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Peaks08 in reply to Amarigue1976

Thankyou sweet that’s so motivating x

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Sorry should say plod not paid damn predictive text!!!

Each run builds your strength and stamina, preparing you for the next one, even when the duration steps up. It is superbly structured to keep you moving through to graduation.

Just concentrate on the run you are doing, do not worry about those that are weeks away.

Do not think about it as a tick box exercise. You are building your body, so ticking a box does not help much. Complete each run in the programme, before moving on, but be brave, you can only fail if you give up and go back to the couch, so don't repeat runs you have already done.

It works. You won't regret it.

Thankyou x

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