First week issues.

Week 1 run 2. My legs were really sore today, dragged myself along. Will this get easier?😳


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9 Replies

  • Not necessarily...but... you get stronger with every single run!

    Warm up well and take it slow and steady!

  • You're asking muscles to do things they haven't done for a long time so yes they will be sore but each and every run you do is strengthening them that little bit more

  • You’re going to be grand! As the weeks go by you’ll surprise yourself! Im on week 5 and running 8 minute blocks - my first runs were 8 x 1min and those 1 minute blocks felt impossible and now I’m running 8 mins at a time!! Xx

  • Thankyou for the positivity. I needed that. 😀

  • Well done. Stick with it and you will never regret it.

    Everybody starting any exercise regime that they have not done before is going to suffer aches and pains in the early days, but they will ease in time and then one day you will have that magical run when nothing at all was hurting. For me that came in Week 5.

    I have done these stretches after every run since the first week and I swear by them. Making sure you are well warmed up is crucial as the weather gets colder, so increase the warmup.

    Does it get easier? Any runner, including the pros, can make any run difficult, if they run too fast for their body to sustain. So go slow. You should be able to converse, not just gasp the odd word. This is about stamina, not speed.

    You will get stronger, quickly, but the challenges ramp up each week, so it doesn't seem to get much easier, until you look back and see where you have come from and then you will begin to appreciate what an amazing thing your body is.

    You can do this, I know.

  • Those are what I use after every run too! :) I do them outside, before I go into the house.. except for the two lying down ones... unless the grass is dry! :) They are excellent.

  • I remember the feelings when I 1st started and it seems like a long forgotten past now and I've only finished week 6 today.

    Make sure you warm up properly, don't run too fast, cool down fully aswell and stretch. The stretching really does help.

    Drink plenty of water too. Every day if you can, even when on a rest day.

    I remember saying to myself, why am I putting myself through this when I started. Just like you my legs were sore and heavy but you know what..... very quickly your legs get stronger.

    My legs don't seem to bother me anymore. Sure they feel heavy and tired sometimes during the actual run but once I've finished running, done the cool down walk and stretched, my legs are fine again.

    Don't give up, with every run you're becoming stronger. You will soon be feeling so proud of yourself.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  • I was sore for the first 2-3 runs too. Totally normal. Don’t worry, keep running!

  • I remember the days when my legs ached all the time and I resigned myself to it as part of the journey of making muscles do things they hadn't done for years!

    I wouldn't say it gets easier as you are asking your body to run further and further every week, but the continual aching stopped for me at about week 4/5.

    This is such a brilliant programme and it gives you huge satisfaction every time you complete a run, or a practice run if it's a bit tricky the first time.

    Keep posting your progress please!

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