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On Week 4!

Hi Everybody

Hope you have all been well. Sorry I have been AWOL due to life and my health got in the way but now I'm back on track. I have just started week four and I cannot believe that I am now running 16 minutes with the breaks in between. This is a big achievement for me and know you have all been through it so you know how I feel. I have a way to go but it's all falling into place. My speech therapy has stopped now as my therapist is happy for my voice and my asthma is settling. I hope your journeys have been going well. Sending love and positive vibes to you all and thank you just for being there.

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Well done for getting back into the programme and for 16mins of running. I think coming back to something after a break is really hard so you should be feeling very proud of yourself.

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Thank you Nora ❤️❤️


So glad to see you're back and raring to go, and well done for reaching Week 4. I've certainly been there, and know that what you've achieved is amazing, and I bet you feel the same :) Sorry to hear you have been struggling with the health issues too, I do genuinely believe the running will be good for that too. Just remember not to overdo it! Breathing is quite important to us you know :)

Take care of you!



Well done you for remaining committed and glad its all now working out. Slow and steady progress is what will get you there.


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