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Feeling ACE, I smashed week 9 run 1!!!!

After my inability to run further than 10 mins on Wednesday, today I set out determined to run for 30 minutes. It was a beautiful morning and I planned a different route that incorporated some hills at the start but mainly flat and down hill afterwards. Had a banana and two strong coffees, put on my lucky running socks and set off.

The odd thing is, when I get to about 5 minutes, I can always tell if I'm going to be able to do it. So, today I knew I would do it. No way was I going to listen to my wobbly body telling me to stop.

I got to about half way and began to feel that wonderful kind of euphoria combined with pain/aching that nothing else matches. It feels as if my mind is separate to my body and my body wants to carry on, machine like while my mind alternates between telling myself that I can do it and pleading with me to stop....

When Sarah's voice told me I had one minute left, I made myself scrape together that last ounce of energy and ran just a little faster. When time was up, I couldn't stop smiling, and lord only knows what the passing traffic made of me, but I care not.

Weighing in at 15. 7lb, 42 years old, memories of being "that girl" who was always last to be picked in PE for any games, I have pushed my body to achieve something I genuinely never thought it could. I am proud of my body, it has served me well and all this running has also resulted in nearly two stones weight loss.

So, two more runs till graduation. I am so grateful to this programme and for this forum for the amazing good will and support. The advice from other runners has helped so much, and I love seeing how others are doing.

I'll keep you updated, I am now off to spend the remainder of the day grinning like a Cheshire cat and enjoying being in my little bubble of euphoria 😀😀😀😀😀

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:) well done for conquering this one. Keep those lucky running socks handy. I did same run this morning and listen to Sarah M also. At the end when she said I'm off I thought hang on where you going I have 2 more runs left yet! See you on the Podium.


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