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Beating end of summertime blues

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This is my first proper post, though I have been watching since I started C25k, 5 weeks ago. This means that this morning I did W5r3 and ran for twenty minutes!!! Well, I did gave to add an extra 15s or so as my laces unravelled at one point- you’d think I’d have got that sorted by now. 🙄 Thanks for all the inspiring posts over the weeks. I still enjoy finishing the run more than starting it, but I’m getting further from the couch every time. Whoop, whoop!

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Well you had to post didn't you........

How could you not tell the world what you have just done.


Keep running keep smiling.

Great work SW16😊x

Go you...

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Nicely done SW16. I often have to stop and retie my shoes. I was excited on my last run when I remembered to double tie my laces before I started! Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks 😁

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