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W5R3 done

Just finished run 3. I found this week tough. It was as if I'd so acclimatised to 25 minute runs that the desire to stop at that point became really fierce. Anyway I made it through and even managed it at my usual pace. I will slow down a little for the first run of week 9 though as at the moment I really can't imagine another 2 minutes more but I know I'll do it.

What a strange experience this has been. I wish I could say I loved running but hopefully that will come. I do love the sense of achievementthat comes with moving through the weeks.

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Keep it slow and as the runs get longer, you are able to relax much more and let the legs carry you. That is, hopefully where your happy pace comes in and you can begin to enjoy more:)

Well done:)


Well done on getting this far, only 3 more runs to go before graduation! Like you I found week 8 tough and I also kept wondering if I would ever enjoy running. However, my first Parkrun after graduation was a revelation - I went at a steady (slowish) pace and, at the end, I realised that I had really enjoyed the run. Keep going and I’m sure the same thing will happen for you.


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