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Yay just finished week 8 with my rubbish knees

I ran in Richmond Park early yesterday morning. Cold but beautiful and for the first time my knees weren't killing me. 👍 I think leaving a longer gap (3days) between runs is the answer for me. Usually I run like someone without sandles on a hot beach trying to get to the waters edge - kind of 'ooh, ah, ooo!' Yesterday was actually enjoyable. Never in a million years did I think I'd be able to run for 28 mins! Can't wait to graduate next week. First Wk 9 run tomorrow - yikes😬 . Just thought I'd post this to encourage anyone with sore knees who thinks they won't make it.

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That is great news and Richmond park is a challenging run. Go you.


Thank you. I did run one of week 9 30mins at the weekend, and discovered that I am only running about 3.4k. I know 30mins is still an amazing achievement for me, but it means it would take me 45mins to do 5k!! I haven't been able to run this week as it's dark when I get home. I miss it. I am going to try the treadmill for the first time tonight and see how I get on. Sounds boring, but a friend has recommended that I vary the incline and speed, so that may help? Here goes.....


Don't be too despondent. The best thing you can do for your running journey is accept your pace. My first 5km took me 50min. I am never going to be fast and will never hit 5km in 30 min, but I will always be a happy runner. Hope the treadmill goes well.


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