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Post graduate homerun

Got out there again this morning. Gloves on as hands got cold and stiff last run. Listened to Laura and felt I wasn’t so fast today as my check points didn’t coincide with Laura’s minutes. Had to wait for the bin men to go past and when I got back after another nice 5k no puffing map my run said I was only slightly off my last run pace. So I’m pleased with my apparent consistency and progressing breathing. Looking forward to a couple more runs before my first Park run on Saturday 4th.

Keep trusting the program everyone.

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Well done sounds like your really ready for that Park run...good luck


It sounds like you are consolidating your runs very nicely. Consistency is good and a great way to build your running body. When you're ready c25k will help further with stamina and speed too. Good luck for the Park Run - remember not to set off too fast and you'll be fine.

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