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Hello from a newbie

Thought I’d say ‘Hi’ as a newbie to this forum.

I ran W5R3 today and was amazed that I could keep going for 20 whole minutes!

It’s great to read all your posts. Everyone said trust in the app and sure enough, I did and I can do this!

Have done a bit of running before in a group but didn’t really enjoy it. Loving Couch to 5k as I can go at my own pace and not worry about getting left behind!

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Welcome and well done.

Over half way now and with the big boost of your last run, there will be no stopping you now.

Give the next run respect.........it catches many out.

Keep running keep smiling.


Welcome & well done 20mins run is a huge achievement even if you have run before 😊enjoy & keep posting to keep us all motivated 😊


You have the idea.. slow and steady...Your journey ...your pace:)

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