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A third through

And so the third week hits the dust just as my feet have been doing . So tell me good people how come , I’m now running for a longer time, I end up nearer the start at the halfway ding ding than I did in week one. Do I now run slower than I walk? I wouldn’t be surprised as the scenery doesn’t exactly fly past me, in fact I can almost watch the leaves changing colour!

At the beginning of the week I was fantasising about the jaunty sparkly hat I would wear on my first 5k run near Christmas. Now I’m wondering if my heart lungs and legs will take a little holiday of their own and refuse to join me .

Does anyone else have the oddest desire to do it again after about an hour at home? I never do of course

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Week 3 is a shorter time week overall although you are running in longer segments the time of running is the same as week 2 but the walking breaks are shorter. The distances will start to increase as you progress through the weeks though. You aren't getting slower (honest) and you are doing fantastic!


Oh thank you for that I was beginning to think that by week nine I would only get to the end of the road , 🤤

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Slow and steady is fine... you are doing wonderfully!


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