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Couch to 5K
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So excited I could wee!

4 more runs before i graduate, spent a lot of time on Plot my route planning routes with fairly flat profiles. I am not up to running 5k in the 30 mins yet but running 2.5 miles (sorry about the mixed measurements, I am old school) in 28 mins. For me this is an achievement. I have overcome the voice in my head over come the tight calf muscles which thanks for the replies, where diagnosed as very tight soleus, my only criticism of C25K is it doesnt mention stretching which i now do before i run and after to help unknot my soleus. My first run after the discovery of my muscle problem and stretching out before I start I ran with very little pain and finally managed to push at the end to get out of breath. 4 more runs to graduation. woohoo

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Don't worry about the distance as it's all about time, and you're nearly there!


Your doing great! 2.5 miles in 28 minutes is a good time. Maybe slow down a little to get the extra 0.6 miles to reach the elusive 5k. I reckon you are on for a 35 minute 5k which is a great time. Well done!

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Exercise on rest day is essential.. this is linked to the C25K programme..many folk did this alongside the programme, on rest days!


Also, stretching after every run is recommended... every run.. if you stretch before.. make sure it is dynamic stretching :)



Just keep it slow and steady and get to the 30 minute runs.. that is all it takes:)


there was no link to anything to do with stretching on the c25k app which is what i downloaded. I found the strength and flex podcast evetually but her voice kills me. What I was saying is on the c25k they say drink water eat something after a run they dont mention stretching


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