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Week 5, Run 2 and a strange side effect

So I felt triumphant finishing the second eight minute run and am quietly quite chuffed with myself.

I thought I would feel some kind of fatigue in my legs by this point but so far, it has mercifully not yet happened. I used to run short distances and do cycle quite a lot so I imagine my legs are moderately strong.

But what i have noticed this morning, heaving my cup of herbal tea ☕ up to my face is how tired my arms are 😧 What in the world! My little china cup feels like an acme anvil! 😂

I'm being very careful to keep them going back and forth and not side to side, but I haven't been flailing them like a mad man, I know that! Are my arms just that weak??? 🤣 Could it be referred weakness?? Is that a thing!

Anyone else find this or just my peculiar bod.

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Check that you're keeping your shoulders and arms loose and relaxed when running. If there is any tension in them it could cause fatigue.


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