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Gentle run in the park before tomorrow's parkrun

I took time out of my couch to 5K programme to enjoy running in the park this morning (8:20am). I used lap 2 of Bramhall Park's parkrun. It's nice to relax and get some hill training in before I try a different parkrun, which has less elevation throughout the course. As you can see from the picture, it was a little bit foggy but there was still lots to see.

I will continue with Week 7 Run 2 tomorrow morning during my parkrun in Marple. Once I get to 25 minutes, I will have a breather before jogging towards the finishing line. Honestly, I'm not bothering about finishing C25K in a hurry but I am determined to finish it.

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It looks beautiful. Enjoy your running.

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Lovely pics.

I know you describe it as a gentle run, but that still means that you have missed a rest day. These are crucial to the new runner, as they are when the micro tears that develop when you run, get the opportunity to repair and strengthen. Without the rest days your body does not repair and strengthen and so your injury risk is increased.

Enjoy your parkrun.


Thanks for the advice. I ran 1.9k today. The thirteen minute gentle jog was more about me moving up hills with the right technique. Tomorrow’s run is flat and less taxing on the legs. After tomorrow, I’m going to have a four day rest followed by cycling and cross trainer activities.


Looks beautiful. More interesting than pounding the streets. I must try some more interesting routes when I’m more confident. Enjoy your run tomorrow 🏃

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