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Teenage son knee pain when running - thoughts?

Hello everyone.

I graduated a few weeks ago with my son age 15. Since then I have taken him on one run per week with me. The first couple of times he had to stop after about 15 minutes due to knee pain. After a few minutes walking/waiting for me he was then able to run home. Today he didn't even manage 5 minutes before he had to stop, turn round and walk home.

The pain is towards the inside of his knee, the lumpy bony bit just diagonally down from the knee cap.

Could it be his shoes? He runs in Nike Huaraches.

Could it be growing pains?

Should he stop totally for a while or do shorter runs or walking?

He also plays football twice a week with no issues and was ok through the couch to 5k programme.

I don't want to lose my running buddy but don't want to damage his knees either.

Ironically my 48 year old knees are still going strong!

Any thoughts and advice from you lovely people gratefully received.

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I'm not medically trained, but whilst I was teaching I have had a number of pupils, sporty teenage boys, who had a condition called " Osgood-Schlatter". It's an overuse injury often seen during the rapid growth years, I think. If the discomfort continues, it might be worth seeing your GP, just in case.

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Ah, this would fit. He has had a growth spurt recently. Having googled it, it seems rest and some muscle stretching is in order. Thanks for the reply!

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Nike Huaraches, as far as this very non trendy man can tell, are not running shoes, but leisure trainers. Correct me if I am wrong.

I recommend that all new runners get a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop and follow the advice of the experts. The correct running shoes for your gait can protect you from injury, while incorrect shoes can cause permanent damage.

Running beyond the first few weeks of C25K in leisure trainers is not to be recommended. The sort of pain you describe is often cured by wearing appropriate footwear.

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My son's response: "That told me!"

He tried to argue Huaraches are suitable for running but having consulted the Nike website they are indeed classified as "lifestyle".

If he's serious about carrying on running, looks like the bank of Mum and Dad will be off to Sweatshop once his knees have had a rest!

I have some Nike Lunarglides and they are lovely. So much better than the second-hand leisure trainers they replaced. My knees like them too.


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