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Feeling a bit guilty

Hi! This has been playing on my mind since Monday! I’m on week 4 and doing ok! Anyway on Monday evening I decided to meet up with a wee group of JogScotland for a gentle jog! (I used to go out with them before Xmas last year but I stopped going.) Anyway I told them I was doing C25k and that I’d just take it easy with walking and running but I ended up doing 5K jogging all the way! I felt great and have had no ill effects! I’ve been walking and swimming since then on my rest days! I’m going to continue with week 4 as it’s obviously working as my fitness and stamina have really improved! It’s made me feel confident that I can run for longer but I feel I cheated a bit!

Silly I know!!! 😀

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If you can jog 5k already, maybe you don't need the rest of the plan. However, if you are new to running then be cautious. Sticking with the programme to the end would build your strength and stamina nice and gently, keeping your injury risk minimal, whereas heading out on your own (or with your mates) might just be too much too soon.


I’ll definitely stick with the plan! It just took me by surprise that I was able to comfortably run for 30 mins! It was an evening run and I must admit I had the worst night’s sleep ever so I’m better sticking to my mornings and daytime for now!! 😀


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