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Rest day 1 - walked over 4km

As today was my rest day, I decided to go for a long walk with my dog. We did over 4 km, but we were walking for 1.5 hours during which she had plenty of playing with other dogs and chasing balls.

I had really sore legs after yesterday's run and I may take one more rest day to recover. Will see how my legs will feel tomorrow.

Have a nice day :)

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My dog could take 1.5 hrs to walk round the block if I let him, total nightmare, wants to say hello to everyone/everything whether they are on a bike, in a pushchair, walking or jogging and has to pee on every blade of grass that sticks out - so 4km is good going.

Enjoy your rest day and if you take another rest day that too. Fingers crossed your legs will feel much better for it. :0)

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I always wander if I am taking her for a walk, or she is taking me ;)

Did you try to make your dog tired and then do something a little bit more constructive? Usually my dog is getting tired after 30-60 min, but still has sometimes sniffing days or I want to go everywhere NOW days :P

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