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Met report: air temperature 8°C, rel humidity 65%, breeze (according to the meteorologists but I didn’t feel it).

There was still some ground frost from overnight so that some spots were slippery underfoot where the sun hadn’t had a chance to shine.

Cloud cover 0% so the sun is shining brightly, dazzlingly from a cloudless blue sky.

Do you find that sunlight has an energizing effect on you ? With conditions like today the world suddenly seems a wonderful place :-)

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When it's icy first thing I try and leave off running for a but til the sun has had time to melt it a bit

I have worn ice grips on my trainers a few times. Fortunately last year we got away with it and I can't recall having to wear them once I doubt where you are that's gonna happen 😁

if I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face or back I'm happy 🙂

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WOW!! Yes.. sunlight is amazing.. as is, sitting and looking at a tree for a while.. very therapeutic.. ( Not on a run obviously ):)

What a photo.. what a run :) I never run in icy conditions though... Bambi incident!!!

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