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Week 8 run 2

Week 8 run 2

Feeling great about today's run because I managed to keep a really steady pace through the whole 28 mins despite the mental gremlins setting in within the first 10 mins and sitting on my shoulder until about the last 8 when I knew for sure that I would beat them. Not my most comfortable run mentally, but one of my best in terms of showing just how important mind over matter can be - oh and of course a good playlist to keep pushing me along. I cant believe how far I have come in such a relatively short time on this programme and have been amazed to discover that I can run, and not only that but I can run for longer than I would ever have believed possible just 7 short weeks ago. The finish line is in site but I can see now that it is really only the beginning......

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Well done you ... four more runs and you're on the podium!

Good luck!

Reply finish line here..just the start of a new path:)

Well done you..keep it steady and slow :)


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