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W8R2 - Head up and run :)

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I might be slow but the sense of achievement is still there!

Set off this morning with no fears about today's run. Just got out there! I have switched routes around a bit during the programme and now do a run along a canal towpath.

The first part of the run is downhill and after previous runs I have learned to not let the downhill get away with me - so with a nice and steady pace I set off down the road towards the canal. The canal section makes a nice change from the roads and disused canal that I had been used to and following the tips I am learning I keep my head up and have a good look around me - enjoying the morning and I am told breathing better because of it.

There is an incline in the 2nd half by which time I am normally "cream crackered" to be able to put any oomph into it and end up usually bringing my speed right down through exhaustion but today I managed to drive into it and even achieved a PB and I think quickest time on the whole run!! Coming out of that I was pleased that the 20mph winds of Sunday morning were no more.

I considered for a second or two deviating from my usual route to extend the run out a bit but decided I would leave that for another day as I usually try to plan my routes. This meant that at the end of my usual route I was too early and had to do some doubling up! Doh!

In the summer when I was walking I contented myself saying that running was beyond me and that walking was a good form of exercise and the best I could do. Now somehow I have done multiple runs over 25 minutes and looking back at my first spluttery week 1 run I am astonished at how unfit I was but know that this programme works - there is no other answer! Along the way I have expressed like many concerns over certain runs and wondering how the step ups would work but gradually confidence has risen to the point that my only fear now is not being able to run due to injury etc. I am so looking forward to the next and the next runs.

Keep running everybody, slow and steady, but keep running and believe in yourself.

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Brilliant run, brilliant positive attitude, brilliant post. The podium is in sight now runner 🏃🏻😎

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Well done 😎

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