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Calf Pain W7R1


Runs have been going well with the occasional "tight" calf afterwards. On a couple of runs though there has been a sharp pain at the top of my left calf. This has been at 10 mins of the 20 min run and then last night at 20 mins so with 5 to go. Both times just as Laura announces the time. Maybe it's her fault?! 😉 On both times I was able to finish the run awkwardly but finished!

Is this running style? Running too fast? Any help or ideas welcome. This lying it feels a bit worse and like i'all need to rest for longer.

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If it is at the same time is there a slight incline or decline on your route around that time. Sometimes that can make a calf twitch a bit. If it happens just slow the pace down a bit to protect it. I'm sure it is new runners niggles and they tend to go away as the body adjusts. If it becomes painful and doesn't go away maybe have a think about a second opinion form your Gp.


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