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I felt compelled to write for those of you who may have struggled with week 4. I really struggled with the 5 min running for the second time in the furst run and actually contemplated doing week 3 again thinking I am not ready but after a days break today the week4 run2 felt breezy. I have no clue why. Perhaps I was going quite slow or my body had needed rest.Who knows. The thing is...I did it! So for those of you who are struggling, hang in there and have faith. Keep putting one foot infront of the other and keep going. If I can do it, anyone can 😛

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Good advice... it is just a matter of taking it very slowly and very steadily and following the programme gently. Thank you.

Often folk do start, sometimes,unwittingly, too quickly; it is enthusiasm and concentration often... but the idea is, each run follows the one before. No week or run is anything to be feared....folk have to try to trust the programme and have faith in themselves.

Anticipation, not apprehension :)


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