I lost my mojo :'(

As Mummycav noticed, I lost my mojo. I didn't even realize it, as my busy life just suck me in. My last ran was OMG O_O 12 days ago (on the 11th Oct). I thought it was more like a week :'(

I was deep cleaning my house during the weekend (not finished, still a ling list to do), I feel exhausted. The previous week was hard, but I managed to walk with my dog approx 1 hour 4 times over that week.

I cannot wake up and push myself out of the bed in the morning, after work it is always something, and in the evenings I am too exhausted to move my finger. I need to figure out how to put myself back together, put on those clothes that are all the time nicely folded and ready, waiting for me. Mornings would be the best for me to run, but my body doesn't allow me to get up so early. To get it done before work, means my ran have to start not later than 5.30 am. I know the clue is the evening before. I am in bed early, but cannot fall asleep before approx. 11.30 pm, which doesn't leave me many hours of sleep. And I am one demanding person, my body needs 8 hours of sleep, preferably even 9 h. During weekends, without alarm, I wake up at 9.30 am after falling asleep at similar time, which gives me even 10 hours of continuous sleep after weekdays. Oh, and I am just 2 weeks after my long holidays, so I should be full of energy.

I am not even sure what I need to get back on track. A hug? A good word? A solid kick my bottom? A good plan? To go back to very easy runs, like week 2 or 3, and start all over again?


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  • Have a massive virtual hug from me IgaT ......a plan, that works for you....as you know from my posts I’ve struggled, I haven’t lost my mojo, I’ve lost my direction, but I fighting to find it again & you will find yours again too....you’ve no need to start all over again, but it might be an idea to get a taste of where you are now..may be by going back to week 5/6?? Still having the walking breaks but building up that stamina that you may have lost?? Also....& I am 100% sure I don’t have to tell you this....being on here, daily, like me....I’m a pain in the butt I’m sure, but, I get so much support, hugs, boots up the butt....that all makes me smile & helps me on my journey xxx

  • I am here almost every day, reading all the struggles and success stories. But I still cannot make myself dress and push out the door. It helps me keep wanting, if you know what I mean.

    My stamina is around week 6. Maybe repeating week 6 two times will prepare me for long runs.

    I know I'll find my mojo. I'd just wish it to happen before spring.

  • Just try...get your kit on & see what happens...think of us lot on your shoulder spurring you on...get some good music in your ears & try...even just 5 mins...that might turn into 10...you got so far, it’d be a shame to waste all your hard work

  • I will keep running. Currently, I'm struggling just to go out. I know that as soon as I dress and get through the door it will be good. Whatever I run, it will be amazing. Even 5 min run is more than nothing. It's just 'finding time' or rather finding power.

  • Sometimes the best runs come on the days we don’t always feel like it...it’s like going on a night out when you don’t feel like it...them nights always turn out to be the best!!!

  • I know :) I had several of such runs already :) Thank you for reminder :D

    I think I will be posting and spamming all of you every day. No matter, if I run, had a day off, I wanted to run, but I didn't.... Maybe this will keep me going.

    For now I have my 'life' goal of this week, my task number 1 - to go at least once and run (whatever, however, whenever). I have 6 days left to accomplish it. First attempt tomorrow 4.30 pm! I will use this rare opportunity of having my other half at home and taking care of our dog :)

  • I’ll be looking out for your post...& running along with you 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

  • One of my colleagues brings her kit to work, changes at the end of the day and exercises between work and home - sometimes at a gym, sometimes just out running. She says if she went straight home that she would flop & not go out again. Might that help? Good luck 😃

  • It would help, but I have a dog that is alone for 8 hours and needs to have a walk to go to the loo, stretch legs, etc. And I love her too much to delay it even further.

    But thank you for a tip.

  • Ah, completely understandable! Can you run the dog?? I know that will depend on how young/ fit/ long legged she is. Good luck finding your way forward.

  • I can, but I have to make her tired first as she is loaded with energy and optimism, so she is pulling me everywhere. And she is one strong 6yo lady. I mean 30kg of muscles strong ;)

  • Promise you are not alone! Im a second time rounder😊 I graduated this time last year got out of the way of runs, i think because i missed the structure of c25k and tried 2-3 times to get back in the way of it but I didn’t post on the forum as i felt a failure as all the people i knew had moved on to the 10k forum! I found it so hard to get out the door like you! But hey ho im back!! I post every run & im now on w5r2 & determined to get to 5k & then find what works for me ! Running for pleasure😊and i still want to get to parkruns😊. So never despair take that first step out the door & go at your own pace! As old floss would say, & she is a gem along with irish john, jan-can-run,all helped me first time round, take it slow and slower still... there is terrific support here! Good luck😊

  • I lost track how many times I was doing C25K. From week 1, second time. However, during those attempts I had shorter and longer breaks that moved me backwards to lower week. My 'furthers' run was W7R1. I've never got further in the programme. Recently I was repeating week 6, again and again. Now, due to yet another break, I am thinking to go back (again) to week 6 or maybe even week 5.

    MAYBE I will run tomorrow after work, as my partner is back from business trip (for 1 day), so she will walk my furry friend and I will be able to run at 4.30pm.

  • Just go for it!! & let us know how it goes!! This time i went back to week 3 & that was enough for me to start with as I hadn’t run since july so decided to ease into it!! Come on we can do this!!😊😊

  • I have little gremlins that sit on my shoulders and whisper lots of excuses in my ears as to why I can't go running!

    This is the 2nd time round for me and although I look completely stupid I get my hairbrush and bash those gremlins, then I get my running gear on and off I go, once out of the door the gremlins disappear!

  • I think I may need a cannon, not the hairbrush. But I will do my best today, after work.

  • Get out and enjoy that run today. Remember why you started C25k. You can do it. We will be thinking of you 🏃🏻‍♀️👍😆

  • My day started with bad night sleep and small anxiety (no idea why). I feel like a looser, even though I know that I am not.

    I will try my best to gear up after work and shake it all of me.

  • Oh no. Sorry to hear that. You definitely are not a loser. Sometimes we have to be in the right place to be able to do certain things. It’s different for all of us. 😢

    I started running for a couple of reasons. The first because I’ve always wanted to run and be fitter and second because I couldn’t sleep. Since starting I am sleeping better and I have something to aim for which I’m doing for myself.

    Now, have a great day at work and look for all the positives throughout the day and realise that you can do this. I hope your day is a good one and look forward to reading about your next run when you are ready to do it. Good luck 🤞

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