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Week 4 Over and done, a treadmill mishap and some cheeky time-saving advice)

Good morning all,

Just finished the last run of week 4. Gosh that was a hard one, but I know from all of you on here that there are good runs, and there are bad runs, no rhyme or reason to it sometimes, I am just glad I finished it and am cautiously excited for week 5.

I also find myself being tight for time in the mornings so I have found a way to save it by doing my post-run stretches in the shower at the gym whilst I let my conditioner do it's magic 😂 I must look like a lunatic behind the frosted glass cubicles, but hey ho, I haven't got this far by having any shame!

Something funny also happened in my first 3 min run. I was running away listening to music and thought crikey, this is hard, when I realised a guy chatting to his friend was leaning on my treadmill and made the gradient go up from 2 to 10! 😅😅 it got easier after we fixed that!!

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Hehe, whatever works for you I say 😀. I would say that run might be a sort of an unintentional interval training. Glad you noticed eventually.

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Hahah yes me too! I normally do my walks on a higher gradient then run on 2% but 10% was something else!


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