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Week 6, round the block and back again :)

Yay just got back from W6R3 and still buzzing!

In weekdays I have to run early when it is dark so I have a route with well lit roads, it's about 3.6k. As I was huffing my way round in week 1, I was thinking that by the end of the program I'd be running the whole way but I couldn't really imagine how that might feel. Today I can :) :)

My trainers are pretty bouncy but right now I am walking on air!


omg omg 25 mins, I might never stop grinning!

I got a pair of running socks from Decathlon - better than pop sox under ankle socks, may get to Aldi for some more.


Ankles were a bit sore earlier in the week so I took 2 days rest between runs and did some extra stretching/ ankle strengthening exercises like standing on one leg (harder than it looks, evidently, esp with friendly cat trying to help). BUT it seems to have done the trick, ankles feeling fine atm.

Strava on my phone keeps overestimating the distances. Maybe a gps watch could be on my xmas list.

Roll on week 7. I'm never going to go out in the morning thinking 'I wonder if I can ...' for the rest of C25k, I know if I can run 25 mins, I'll be able to run 30.

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Well done you!

Make sure you are doing some really useful exercises every rest day...this is so important with the longer runs. Got to keep you in trim and keep building up that stamina and strength too :)

Lidl and Aldi have got some great running gear currently. I got a super Compression top yesterday! :)

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Well done! I'm a couple of sessions behind you but am worried about sore ankles and knees too, so I reckon more exercises in between. Good to hear that has helped your ankles. I never had the motivation before to do the exercises but now I have. Hurray!

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I think I was a bit cautious for ankles because I've been over on mine a couple of times in the past, so I have stuff like a compression ankle sock at home because I've had to use it after a sprain.

But this wasn't anywhere near that bad.

I did some exercises (like rotating ankle in both directions) to check it had full range of motion, and extra calf stretches and tried the standing on one leg for a minute exercises - which really helped a lot. Also put the compression sock on at night and took ibuprofen if it felt stiff/ swollen a bit. But I also kept walking, tried to keep well hydrated, and am now quite hopeful that its getting stronger, it doesn't feel anywhere near as bad after a run as it did.

I think taking an extra day or two as 'rest' between runs until it settles really worked for me. And good luck!

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Yay, well done you. Yes you will be able to run for 30 minutes, don't fear about that. Hope your ankles are better.

Strava is a nuisance with the distances, my friend and I started ours together when cycling and both recorded different readings, totally way out. Have you tried the Relive on Strava? That's quite funky, I like seeing the route that I've ran.


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