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W8R1 - slow and steady and much easier

After my promises to reign it back I slowed right up today and achieved a nice steady pace right up to the end barring the incline 10 mins before the end.

Back to my canal towpath run and feeling a lot happier, nicer scenery and generally more interesting run. After the “incline” had levelled out I was surprised to find myself trudging along at a comfortable pace.

Final 10 minutes I got hit by the 20mph wind that was reported on BBC weather app - this brought a huge grin to my face as I decided nothing was going to stop me now! Once the wind subsided I even managed a spurt of speed for the final minute.

Given that when I got up today I had not planned to run today (normally I leave it to week days) the run was a joy to do and get behind me. Next run (probably Wednesday) going to try and keep the same pace and see if I can add a bit of a spurt again in the last minute or two as Sarah M suggests.

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Sounds like a great run. Running into the wind is hard work, easier when it is behind you 😀.


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