Couch to 5K

W3R1 - running less painful than walking 😳🤔

Went out this morning and did W3R1. Found the first 3mins a challenge as my brain told my legs the precise moment it was 90secs in and they wanted to stop, but pushed through and did it. I’m getting a lot of leg pains when I walk, I do tend to tense up and at one point I was thinking I must look like I’m doing a straight legged robot 🤖 walk. Not helped by putting a pair of leggings on this morning that kept sliding down, not because the couch to 5K has made that huge a difference to my weight but that’s what happens when you buy leggings from online shop that have no Lycra in them. 😂 they’re in the recycling already.

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Sorry about the leggings but great news on the weight loss. Try shaking your shoulders out when you are walking that can maybe help to relax your walk a bit.

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