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Week 7 run 2

Hi new on here just been out in tail end off Brian met him head on but finding week 7 tough

Found the previous 6 weeks fine but struggling with this one am I just going through a bad patch? Anyone else been through this then come out the other side

Doing a park run on Saturday hopefully the atmosphere will help

Entered a 10k on Boxing Day must be mad I just hope I will be able to do it??

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Welcome to the forum.

Those continuous runs can seem like a slog, but if you slow down they can be magically transformed into enjoyable episodes, even when dealing with the likes of Brian.

Okay, you might want to be a fast runner and sound as if you are ambitious, but new runners should train at an easy pace, which builds stamina and musculature as well as your cardiovascular system. Once you graduate you can do maybe one run a week where you work on speed. Experienced runners should only be running at a fast pace 25% of their time.

Parkrun is great but I would recommend that you stick with the training plan, rather than try to run the lot.

You have time to get to 10k by Boxing Day, as long as you don't get waylaid by injury, which could so easily knock all your plans on the head, so take it easy.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Thank you I think I am trying to do to much to soon will slow it down a bit and build up 👍

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