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At last I enjoyed my run

I had been wondering if I would ever be able to say that I had enjoyed a run rather than just being relieved that it was over. Well today it happened. This was my first Parkrun after graduation and I loved it. After a bad run last week where I went off too fast I was determined to take it steady and that is exactly what I did. I didn’t feel out of breath and at the end I was even able to speed up and overtake a few others before the finish! 34 mind 20 secs was about 90 seconds slower than my fastest run but, who cares, it was definitely my best run. Just want to get out there again now!

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A big well done, and I know what you mean.

On today's run I was thinking how much I was enjoying it compared to how difficult it used to be at times, but then with 10 mins to go my hip started aching and I had to dig in a bit to finish.


I think we need to realise that most runs should be at a comfortable pace rather than chasing a pb. Leave the fast runs to events or occasional parkruns (maybe when pacers are present) so you can enjoy your running. It is easy to be competitive which breeds high expectations and disappointments. Most of us are recreational runners so just get out there without pressure on yourself to perform and enjoy!


that's great 😀 good time for the parkrun, well done


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