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Another Week Under MY Belt

Hi All. Finished W6R3 yesterday(-: Must admit I thought I would have to postpone it as had a bad ear infection most of the week. 24 Hours of throbbing & sharp pains in ear and last night was not good. Ended up taking 2 x 2 Nurofen throughout the night and was very very dry. Cannot get into doctor until early Monday and sods law it will be cleared up by then.

Decided just to go for it and I did find it more of an effort than I expected. Normally it takes about 10 mins before the burn in my calves go and breathing settles down. Calves were burning but no so much even at 20 mins ,not enough to make me stop though. Breathing settled down but heart rate was about 10 beats higher than normal. The last 3 mins I was feeling good so ramped up the speed the last minute.

Taking Sat/Sun as rest then onto W7 Monday

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Well done 😎


Well done! I did that run this morning and completing Is was such a great feeling. I hope you’re feeling better soon.


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