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W2R2 - Delayed

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Second run this week delayed due to wife's hospital appointment and bad weather. The run today felt good and I was pleased with my progress. I will run again tomorrow. I've started with the flex and strength program but very carefully and I do think it has helped. One thing extra that I'm doing is to do a cool down walk after the final run. This is a 5 minute brisk walk followed by a 5 minute steady walk.

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Why are you running in two consecutive days?

You simply must take a rest day in between and that is when you do your strength and flex:)

The cool down walk is part of the C25K programme...just follow every run with the cool down :)

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Have your rest day between runs! Always do the brisk five min cool down walk, and then enjoy another walk home etc.

I really enjoy the cool down part of the proceedings. Gives you time to reflect on how you did and to stretch out your tired body

Well done . keep at it. Slow and steady 💪👍🙂

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