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On to Week 6!!

I feel like there should be a club for those who finish that 20 minutes all at once. It comes at a perfect point in the series (yes, Laura, I do trust the programme!), giving a taste of those longer runs that we're working toward. And I didn't even feel overly depleted when I finished. Almost can't wait for Monday to do my next run...

My most challenging time in each day's run is the first three minutes of running (jogging), that's when my body feels like it is going to let me down. Once I get past that, it's just going until Laura says stop. I'm even able to use the last 2-3 minutes for an increase in speed, and I am so looking forward to when I can start doing more sprinting - it's close, I can feel it!

Whenever I feel myself flagging, I just pretend I'm Mo Farah, lengthen my stride and relax (seriously, he makes running looks as chill as sitting on a sofa!). Hasn't let me down yet :)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Happy running!

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Great distractions.. Mo ... brilliant.. well done you!

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