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Fare thee well W8. Hello W9

On my last post I said that I felt R2 of W8 was my best. Well I got that wrong. Today R3 was my best run. I felt so good and comfortable that I carried on for an extra 5MINS. I felt I could just carry on but a little voice kept coming on in my head "slow and steady, slow and steady" don't push it stick to the program. So I rained it in. But it just proves, especially to beginners that this program works, it really works. But it is nothing without this forum. Everyone encouraging each other, advice to beginners. That has helped no end.

As I embark on W9 I shall probably be too chuffed to bits at completing the course to say it then so I will say it now.

Thank you to you all for the encouragement, advice and your posts, replies etc.

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Oh my!!! Getting so close now and aren't these runs just brilliant!

The programme does work, and it is such a great programme, and teaches us so much about running, and ourselves too: I cannot understand why some speedsters, seem to want to rush through and miss out so much.

This is just a beginning, and if, like you, folk do it properly... they would be amazed where it would take them. I know I still get a terrific buzz, every single time I head out, whether it is a 3K or a 10K!!

Very,very well done you.. you are doing brilliantly and I shall be watching for those Week 9 posts. The badge is being polished as we speak :)


I can only copy what Oldfloss has said, the program does work, trust that and believe in yourself and you will graduate.

Keep repeating:

If I can run for 20 minutes then I can run for 25,

If I can run for 25 minutes then I can run for 28,

If I can run for 28 minutes then I can run for 30.

Enjoy your last few runs, the podium is in sight, you better start thinking where you want to go next!


Yeah baby! πŸ’ͺπŸƒπŸ‘βœ”οΈπŸ˜

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Good work, dapsmith! I am finding the longer runs more fun, too. Having said that, today's run wasn't my favourite - but meh! Some are good, some are not so good. :-) I finished week 8 today too. Feel a true sense of accomplishment!

Onwards and upwards and week-ninewards!

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