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Second time on C25K

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Hi all, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm new here and this is the second time I'm doing the C25K programme. First time worked a charm, I graduated and went on to complete 4 5k races-very slow, but I've finished them all!

I got a knee injury, not from running but from lifting weights that took me back almost 2 years, and now I've started again from week 1. A lot of old injuries from my motorcycle riding days don't help... I'm on week 6 currently and am finding it more difficult than the first time around, so I had to repeat week 4 and 5 twice being moving on, but will persevere! I guess turning 45 and gaining weight had taken its toll.

Best of luck to everyone trying on the programme, it does work and you can make it!

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Well done for stepping out that door again👍so glad you posted this as its my second time round i just finished week4 r2 last night & like you i found it a little challenging & hip bothering me a bit on the longer runs but im even older than you😂 but never let age stand in my way! You are doing great & so right to take it at your pace & repeat weeks & glad you said you did because i was wondering if this time i might repeat this week 4 or see how i get on w5r1 😊never repeated any first time round, which was completed exactly a year ago! However this is a fantastic program & forum really helps!! Keep going you are nearly there!!!🏃🏃👍

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GeorgiosAGraduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks for the words of encouragement, and well done for going out again yourself! I've found that repeating some runs really helps, and you get better without even realising it! Last week I ended up doing run 3 of week 5 (the 20 minute continuous one) by accident, as my phone had moved to the next song in the playlist, and even though I was planning to repeat run 2 for the third time I figured I might as well try it, and I was amazed that I managed it! Have now done run 1 of week 6 three times and am ready to move to the next!

Take your time and repeat the runs till you feel comfortable and you'll get there for sure! Best of luck, and thanks for replying, so nice to know I'm not the only one doing this for the second time!

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Pc59Graduate in reply to GeorgiosA

You sound very sensible keep going & you can keep me motivated to get to the end👍😊

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