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W6R1 - Revisited

Last night saw me back in the Gym, plugging away on the treadmill. It was hard, and I expected it to be, I was still recovering from my 5K at the weekend.

First 5 minutes was easy, got a bit of a 'glow' on, but got through the 5 minutes OK, the 3 minute walk was a still a welcome relief.

"Get ready for your next run, this will be 8 minutes" .... aaaarrrrgggghhhhh, Michael, how could you do this to me .... Anyway, managed to get through that one, and the second 5 minute run, but I was wet through (gym was warm) and the shower was just the right temperature ;-)

Am back on track now, and W6R2 is scheduled for tomorrow, got some planning to do, and some apps/web sites to test out as I want to do the R3 outside :-0

In the mean time, I've got some washing to do .... :-(

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Brilliant Christene....never run on the treadmill but depending how the weather is in Winter, might be forced to!!!


No worries...keep it slow and keep it steady :)

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Well done for smashing this one (again)..!!

Make the most of the warm gym, when you start running ourside it'll be bloody freezing 😨 ... and you'll get wet from the outside in, not the inside out 😉


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