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Running on grass or tarmac?


I went for my W4R2 this morning and found it harder than I was expecting. The last week or so of runs have gone very well - almost bouncing along with a real spring in my step = however I was running on tarmac whereas today I was back on grass. Is it "easier" to run on tarmac or is it just one of those days?? Would love to hear if anyone else has noticed this...

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Hi Lizziemac, running on grass is supposed to be gentler on the knees, but I have always found that it absorbs my momentum somehow, and feels much harder than lightly running on the tarmac. I feel a bit heavy footed on grass.

No need to bounce, but I know what you mean about feeling more energised. Good luck with the last run of W4. 😊x

It's probably good for you to be able to run on both surfaces especially if you hope to do Parkrun or have trails or grassy paths nearby.


Hi Jan-now-runs - I think that was exactly what it felt like!! There is a woodland path near us I might try - flat and compact but hopefully not as much impact as tarmac! I think you're right about being able to run on both surfaces too!


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No bouncing.. I had an incident involving bouncing :)

The grass and tracks can be more forgiving but the uneven terrain can provide issues:) As Bluebirdrunner says, trying both is good practice:)


Thanks Oldfloss - think I'm going to try alternating and see how that works!!


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