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Couch to 5K
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Hi I’ve just done run 1 week 2 and yes I can run for 90 seconds. But if I think about running I struggle ! Look into the distance it’s easier. But then think about running again then struggle. Then wait for jo to say you can stop tuning now Yes it’s a mind thing and finding it hard to control.

Has anyone got any tips to battle this or is it just me ?


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Look into the distance.......yes!

Appreciate your surroundings.

Listen to your favourite music or an audio book.

Count the blades of grass.

Anything to take the focus off your body and it's inevitable grumbling at having to do more than usual and to train your brain that those "You can stop now" internal messages are a waste of time.

Yes, it is a very mental challenge, but you can do it.

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