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Back wit a bump

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Well. Best laid plans and all, lovely holiday in Crete with trainers packed for my W5 running and managed diddly squat - lots of walking but didn't break into a trot. Anyhow reality check yesterday - I'm rerunning W4 - found it quite hard but at least I'm back on it. 2 weeks behind but in the big scheme that's nothing. Want this to be a change for life. Have a good week all xx

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Good plan, Sadie. I like how you are viewing this as a change for life, because that is what it is. You are back on the programme, and that is all that counts, really. A lot of people take more than 9 weeks to complete the programme. I originally had a false start, and will be finishing C25K in 10 weeks, not 9. Don't give a hoot. The main thing is to remain committed and keep on trying.

Hope week 4 goes well (again!)

Sadie x

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Sadiemac in reply to Sadie-runs

Absolutely - very easy to think "fell off the wagon that's it now" but nope not this time. I'm definitely in it for the long game - for physical and psychological benefits, have a good week my lovely and well done with your progress 🏃‍♀️ xx

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Back on track so well done and yes it's the future

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