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W3 R1 -thank you Meghan Trainor

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So, after doing week 1 x 3 times, progressing last week to week 2, I had intended to do the same again and repeat week 2, However, today I thought I would just bite the bullet and go straight for week 3. I could always go back a week.... But today I was inspired for some reason? I have read and taken on board all the advice and kept my speed very slow and steady ( I SAW the tortoise overtake me), I tried to stop bobbing up and down, tried to land lightly and changed my music choices and it all seems to have paid off as I did it, surprisingly myself immensely! I actually enjoyed it (did I write that?) too.

♫ Its all about that base - Meghan trainor ♫ Just my speed - Thank you!

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Well done..if you follow the programme and take it slow and steady, you are ready for each and every run in every week :)

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Well done 😊

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