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week 9 run 1

week 1 run 1 seems so long ago now but today i managed the first 30 min run, fitbit shows 2.75 miles, so not too far off a 5k run. Since starting my new life style on june 1st ive lost 24 lbs and to day when running, i noticed for the first time how all my bits ( man boobs, beer belly ) werent moving in opposite directions to which i was running because theyre slowly disappearing :-) .

I will be 59 in 2 weeks time and im so looking forward to doing my 1st park run, anyone struggling with any of the runs in the earlier weeks, i can only say stick with it and dont be frightened to go back a week, thats better than quitting.

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Well done fantastic achievement and determination 👍

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Hurrah! Well done - final week! - soon to be first week of the rest of your running life :D

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